Colourpop Persuade Me Collection

Oh my beating heart. There's the feeling that accompanies new makeup only makeup junkie can understand

This is the Persuede Me set and I couldn't pass up after seeing the swatches! And I adore the box. Gonna see what I can do with it haha

Shades in it! I didn't expect the lighter shades to work and I'm v surprised only Upside Down is too ghastly for me to wear out. The other shades are DAMN NICEEEEE.

Upside Down looks peachy and pretty wearable on my arm but proved to be horrible on my lips. This is why I like lip swatches lah. 

Out of all, Hotline and Goldie swatched the patchiest and the driest. The rest went on pretty easy.

Look at how pale Upside Down is haha I looked ridiculous. 

Also, I tried swatching on my bare lips and they were screaming for help. I had to layer my Laneige lip balm under for them to go on smoothly so yes, balm is definitely required. 

ZIGGIE MAKES ME CRY OMG SO NICE. I wasn't expecting Hotline to be such a pretty shade but I LUV IT. The two darkest swatches are horridly swatched cause by then, I had alr went thru 9 shades and my lips were so painful 😣