CNP Propolis Ampule Cushion (23)


I got sold at the Guardian event and got the CNP Propolis Ampule in Cushion (23)! I’m very easily sold hahahaha I admit. This, not only has Propolis in it, but also gold particles to give u a glow. Idk lah it’s v gimmicky but hey, it still sold me so...LOL. I told u I’m easily sold. 

I’ve been eyeing it for awhile anyways cause I really like the propolis ampule itself!

I’m NOT a fan of actual beehives. I have trypophobia so it’s not a fun thing for me to look at. This packaging tho, is full on BEAUTIFUL. It doesn’t remind me of scary beehives and I love the gold. Gold makes me happy.


The coverage is pretty amazing and a little goes a long way. It looks super gorgeous when I first applied it. The finish is satin-y so it’s a little on the glowy side. It hid my redness very nicely too!


The glow wasn’t an overtly shiny-glow. More of a healthy, satin-y glow. Very beautiful. Lasted approx 7 hours without breaking apart or touching up so #peaapproved ! I did set it and applied my usual makeup steps.