Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

I knew I had to get my hands on these the moment I saw them and my dearest cousin got them for me! Family knows me best haha TBH, these are so darn cute, I would have bought them anyways. I mean, MINI WINE BOTTLE?? HELLO?? SO CUTE PLS.

I was testing out RD01 today and it's a bright blood red. RD02 is slightly more subtle and has a bluer undertone so if I want ur teeth to be whiter, then this would be okay. RD03 is a burgundy plum color and it's a deep deep color. 

After playing around today, I really really enjoy the way I use it, which I'll describe more and I think I prefer it over the gradient-style application!

@Pearypie on Instagram

@Pearypie on Instagram

A lot of girls told me the wine lip tint is very streaky to apply but I think if u change the application technique, then it's really a super nice product! 

If u see the way Pearypie wears her lip products, she doesn't do it the super harsh and precise way like how we wear liquid lipsticks. 

She likes to blur out her lip lines and it makes her look younger! She also uses lip tints ALOT. Because tint doesn't sit on top of ur lips, the stain makes it look more 'natural' lah.

The lip tint works wonders for this technique! I simply dot the product on and use my ring finger to blend the entire thing into. 

So even if u wanna do gradient lips, then it's also the same technique but u just out in the middle and blend! I love how pigmented this is!
I LUV THE LIP TINT. Omg. It's SO vibrant, it's relatively easy to use using the method I described above, it gives me the 'Pearypie' lip effect and I don't feel like it's drying?? I do have a habit of using a lip balm first before any lip product so I guess that helps a'lil. I can't wait to dig into the other two colors. It also lasted through my oily meals so thats a definitely plus for me!