Mega Cezanne Review!

The Cezanne event was a super pretty set up and totally my vibe hahaha

When I was in Japan, all the drugstores had Cezanne so I was quite excited to hear they are coming to Sg. I alr have been trying out some and then they had some new product launch at the event so I compiled everything for a full review. 



有够 pink right hahaha

I believe Cezanne is alr available in Watsons btw! Ok, let’s get the quick stuff out of the way. I’m using most of the items in a fotd today so I’ll post pics later!


I don’t have the packaging anymore so Idk what the actual names of the lipsticks are called LOLOL idiot right so just base it on packaging k. 

The first two (PK13 and RS1) is more of a tint-balm texture and adds a little color if you want smth subtle and light. RS1 is totally MLBB in this pretty rosy shade.

The other three are regular-matte lipsticks that are pretty moisturizing so if u have dry lips and don’t like liquid lipsticks, try these! 

I LOVE 402. It’s this burnt red and it’s DAMN NICE. Good for both gradient and regular lips. I’ll put up a fotd later with the products I use from Cezanne!


The primer - Make Keep Base, is DAMN LOVE. Idk about oil control tbh cause my skin is not oily anymore lol but look at that brightening and blurring of pores. No added coverage ok! I just dab some on my face with my finger and then blend it out with my sponge.



The new launch is this little bottle that looks like eyelash glue and its called the Make Retouch Base.


It’s this liquid product that you dab on oily/shiny parts of your face, dab it out and it completely mattifies it. SO COOL RIGHT.

It’s literally a liquid oil blotter. What I found damn amazing was it’s blurring effects. I took the pics using back camera but if u see the after where I dabbed and blended the product out, it had this very blurred effect


And omg I’m so happy. I’ve been using a Milani eyeshadow as a nose contour cause it’s really neutral and light so it looks v natural and can u see how pathetic it looks right now? I’m almost done with it and I haven’t found ANYTHING similar to that shade TILL NOW. This Cezanne palette with the contour is exactly the same and it’s super small and compact. Gonna stock up on it cause I love this shade ttm.


I told y'all how good the LRP BB Blur was right! In my Before Image, I had my makeup on for 9 hours without blotting or touching up okay! Normally, i would think my base still looks pretty good and wouldn't bother with touching up but for the sake of this product, I did and i was blown far far away.

This is even more amazing than the Canmake Marshmallow one! It feels lighter on the skin, completely blurred out my pores and even reduced redness. I think it didn't oxidize as much as well.

What even right? I freaking love this. However, the puff is damn super cheapskate and I actually replaced it with the Canmake one cause that feels nicer and softer. 


A comparison between the two! Can see the Cezanne one is more finely milled and has a better finish? Shade 01 is also really light lol


Feeling pweettyyy~ loving my new earrings from @joycesayshello

Using the contour powder, primer and lipstick (402) on mah face! The lipstick is darker when applied directly but I dabbed it in the middle with my finger. I normally start it off that way and then as the day goes, I darken it lol. Like day to night yknow hahahaha