Mega-detailed Canmake Products Review!


Go big or go home hahahahahah

So I’ve been testing out several products from Canmake and I am only gonna talk about those I tried since not everything worked for me e.g. the brow product is way too blond and I can’t use any lash products cause I have extensions! 

Some of these are all stocked in (selected) Watsons and some are gonna be released the 1st week of April! I gots to share first cause a lot of these are just GOLD. Like omg what have I been missing out all these years.

Lip Tint Syrup in 01 and 02

Lip Tint Syrup in 01 and 02

First up are these lip products. Super cute packaging, regular doe-foot applicator and rather pretty shades. I have a ton of lip products so I was like, hmm ok lah. Nice shades, cute packaging but nothing really special jumped out at me lah. 


Then I applied and omg SO NICE???? That rose brown shade 😍 

They aren’t drying at all, really pigmented but blendable as well. Lasted a long time on me and omg so nice so nice so nice. I love how compact it is and I have been carrying both in my purse ever since. 

I used no. 1 on my bare lips and no. 2 over lip balm and both worked great. They lasted long and the colors are GORGEOUS on lips.

I believe these 2 shades are new and will be available first week April!

Perfect Multi Eyes in 01

Perfect Multi Eyes in 01

Eyeshadow palettes for my girls who collect these hahaha

This is a matte eyeshadow palette and if you’re a matte-lady, then this is the perfect travel palette. Has all the shades you will need to create a matte neutral look effortlessly. Has highlight to crease and shadow shades. Perfect work-travel palette. Colors are not SUPER pretty pigmented but definitely buildable! 

Perfect Stylist Eyes in 14

Perfect Stylist Eyes in 14

For the glitter-shimmer lovers, omg you can’t go wrong with this. I feel like this is definitely more pigmented, creamier in texture and picks up great with fingers. The shimmer is like real-life kirakira. I wanna try it for inner corner highlights. Confirm blind people. But go light handed cause glitter is rather chunky for eyeshadow. This palette color damn in now leh, I feel haha


Now for the two cheek stuff I was pretty impressed with. 

The highlighter is very pretty and I got this shade by swirling my fingers around the palette. It’s a natural shine so if u don’t like super loud bling highlighter, or would like smth toned down for a natural day, this is up your alley. 

At first right, I was very confused by that mustard blusher. It’s like wha-what?? I thot eyeshadow leh!


So I googled it first and was like, ‘OH’ hahahaha still, I thot I’d try it on its own!


I didn’t dare go too heavy handed but was quite surprised to see that it mixed really well with my skin’s natural flush and gave off a really pretty coral flush! 

When mixed with a cool-toned blusher, it warms it up slightly. Very very smart idea! I would love it more if it’s placed side-by-side with a cool-toned blush! Then it’s like a really convenient travel blush palette with cool-/warm-toned options!

Perfect Serum BB Cream 01

Perfect Serum BB Cream 01

And now, for my absolute HG BB Cream that I cannot stop using. Omg this Perfect Serum B.B. Cream is AMAZING. It blurs out my pores, really lightweight, looks exactly like skin but better, don’t cling on to any dry spots I have and cause of the warm-tone, it cancels out my redness. Plus point is if I set it, it lasts for a good 5-7 hours before I gently need to blot it.

I can’t rave about this more. It’s AMAZING. I actually have to stop myself from using it so I can test other base products. I love love love this. I haven’t love a base product like this in awhile, since the Curel BB, so believe you me, when I say this product is HG for me currently and I don’t intend to change it anytime soon. 

If I really want to look fresh, then I use the compact powder - another amazing find. AMAZING.

Canmake Marshmallow Face Powder (MP)

Canmake Marshmallow Face Powder (MP)

This. Every girl out there needs this in her bag. It’s the Canmake Face Powder. From the outside, it looks like any regular compact powder. But noooooo. This touches up makeup like a photoshop wand. 

If you’ve had your foundation for about 5-7 hours, you know it will start to look abit...undone. Not as fresh-faced as when you first apply it. But if you still need it to survive for another couple of hours, this is your life-savior.


All u need is a LITTLE dab on areas that your base is ‘coming apart’ and you completely look like you just applied your makeup. 

It doesn’t really cake up but so far, I’ve only need to use minimal amount to dab and touch up so I didn’t have any issues with that affecting my base. I’ve also tried it with 4 different foundations and it worked like freaking magic. 

I’m in the shade MP - more pink-based. MO is the more translucent one and MB for darker skin.

And last of all, if u are looking to draw on some temporary tattoo, there you go. LOL

I rub until my hand turned red okay!! Then I went to wash it with regular soap and it still didn’t budge. Idk what sorcery is this. It’s freaking amazing right!!! Especially for drugstore leh! How many ‘amazing’ did I use liao HAHA 

And that’s it for my Canmake review! Whew. Took me so long lol. I think out of all, my favourite is definitely the B.B. Cream and compact powder. They are both smth I really look forward to using leh haha next would be the lip products but I’m always fickle with those 🤣