Canmake Marshmallow Finish Foundation


Now, I’ve never really been a fan of powder foundation but hey, never say no. Lol. Ok, that’s a bad rule to follow but u get what I mean. I am always up for trying makeup. 

So this comes in two shades - MO and MB. MO is more pink-toned and MB is more yellow-based. At first glance, I really thought they’d be way to dark but I decided to try it out anyway.


I prefer using a buffing brush if I’m using powder foundation so I skipped the sponge and used my RT buffing brush instead. I used MB and it actually worked fine! 

In the before, I only have sunscreen and u can see I have some redness at the lower part of my cheeks. The foundation covered it fine. It also blurred out my pores and didn’t emphasize my dry undereyes like I thought I’d would! 

It has a satin finish instead of a flat-matte. The latter being a reason why I skip powder foundation. 

It also lasted BEAUTIFULLY. Like I wore it for a good 7 hours without blotting and I was just minimally shiny; nothing a quick blot won’t fix. I am very surprised. I really was prepared to hate this. Canmake ALWAYS surprise me. I think I always judge their cover too quick.