Canmake Cream Cheek (Almond Terra-cotta) / Juicy Lady Liquid Cheeks


I believe this shade is completely sold out in Singapore and Japan and will be briefly restocked this week hahaha its really no wonder omg it’s the most gorgeous shade of natural flush I’ve ever seen.


I was v afraid of using these at first cause omg pigmented af but guys, don’t judge the packaging cause these ARE DAMN BLOODY AMAZING. Like, I hate the packaging. It’s damn tacky and kiddish but the quality? It’s wow. 

I simply dot some one my fingers and pat them on my cheeks. They blend like a dream and color is so lovely and natural. Plus it isn’t powder so it doesn’t sit atop your skin. 

(The product name is damn vulgar???)


My fave is no. 3. It’s this reddish pink that mimics my own natural flush a lot so not too act-cute, and not too warm.