Bourjois Anti-Fatigue Primer / BB Cream

Bourjois sent over an INCREDIBLY cute package the other day. This is the first time I open the door to a pineapple. Like the uncle was just holding it. It was quite a funny sight lah haha

It’s the new Anti-Fatigue range which consist of primer, concealer, B.B. cream, foundation and powder. I'll be doing a quick review on the primer and BB Cream and then the rest later on!


I did a quick poll and B.B. cream won so I tried that first! I’ll be trying out the foundation next haha

My usual steps after my skincare routine would be:
• sunscreen
• primer
• bbcream/foundation
• concealer 



My skin is really relatively ok these days so I try to go light. I don’t enjoy full coverage products so B.B. cream would have been my preferred choice just cause it’s generally lighter. 

The blurring primer feels very nice. It DID blur out my pores and brighten up my skin plus it doesn’t feel silicone-y. The texture is really quite lovely and I have been skipping primer but this feels like smth I would be using continuously.


The B.B. cream is extremely lightweight and has very light coverage. Really feels like you have nth on which is perfect for me and this horrible humid weather. 

I tried it alone on its own without the primer here! Slightly patchy skin cause on my period yah lol sorry for the tmi but it’s the truth. Periods = hormonal changes = weird/non-behaving/sensitive skin. 

It did cancel out redness slightly but u can tell it’s definitely light coverage. 

If you like your medium-full coverage products, this is not for you. I’ll test out the foundation and let u guys know how that fares next. 

The finish of this B.B. cream is definitely semi-matte and if u have dry spots, it might cling onto it. It didn’t feel like it dry me out or anything, throughout the day’s wear but I didn’t set it with powder so that might have helped!


I must say it all did hold up beautifully and the weather that day was absolute crap plz. It didn’t make me feel dried out and I feel like oil control was rather decent. 

I did a short IG Stories at the end of the night (it’s still available in highlights under makeup!) and it held up really well. It was like a 9-10 hour weartime and my skin still looked semi-matte. 

My highlight was still intact (its normally the first to go) and so were my blush and contour. I was very impressed. 

Overall, if you have/looking for
• ok skin
• slightly oily-combi skin type
• lightweight product
• even out and brighten your skintone

This is a good product! I have always loved Bourjois based products and I own quite a few of them myself so this B.B. is a pretty nice addition!