bhcosmetics Carli Babel Palette (Deluxe Edition)

When Carli Bybel announced her second palette, I got excited and then disappointed. The latter cause she was reusing shades amongst the new ones. It's a bit lazy imo. But because of the price and the quality of the first, I was so tempted into trying the new shades; esp after seeing her teasers on IG.

The palette is 1/3 bigger and it has 10 more new shades. The packaging is similar on the front except the original foil is silver and this is rosegold. 

I hate the front cover tbh. I find it quite tacky lah but she seemed to like it a lot and it's her palette after all lmao

I'll put up the swatches for the first palette later below too!

The newer pans (the bottom one) is deeper than the first palette, if u can see. 

I like that it's deeper cause it catches the fallouts better; without them flying all around the pan.

The ⭐️ ones are all new shades. 

This is a multipurpose kinda palette - u can use it both for shadows and highlighters (for the metallic shades). But I think her main purpose for the last row is for it to be highlighter shades for fair to dark girls. She added 2 new way frostier shades there. 

For the shadows, I used my finger and a brush to swatch so u guys can see the difference. I'll talk more about this later.

This entire first row is made of new shades. I didn't care much for the first three shades except the last 2. Those are so stunning lah. It's duochrome and reflects gold in different angles. 

I must add that no 3 is an awesome crease color tbh. 

1. Matte light peachy nude
2. Metallic light peachy metallic
3. Matte warm orangey-brown
4. Metallic pink-gold duochrome
5. Metallic peach-gold duochrome

When I saw the two new duochrome shades, I immediately thought of Colourpop Pressed Shadow in Come and Get It and surprisingly, it isn't a true dupe for any of the two shades. 

Come and Get It is more peachy-golden and Row 1 No 4 is very similar but the pink is more blue-based irl. 

Row 1 No 5 is just straight up more peachy-golden and is not close at all.

Second has a lot of ur subtle mauvey-purple which I found myself liking a lot more than expected! 

1. Metallic light peachy pink
2. Matte rosy-nude  
3. Matte mauvey purple
4. Metallic lilac
5. Matte plum

Well, two CP shadows run really close to Row 2 No 4 but irl, the CP ones are more chunky glittery with slight color difference at varying angles whilst the Carli's palette is more metallic

Third row has the usual browns and I really like the way she arranged the shades HAHA It's so pleasing to the eyes. 

1. Matte light nude
2. Metallic gold
3. Matte neutral brown
4. Metallic bronze
5. Matte dark taupe

There's this 2 super large pans of what-I-am-assuming are highlighters cause of the size but u can always use them as shadows. 

They are freaking gorgeous when blended our subtly and a little goes a LOOOOOOONG way. 

The pink highlighter is more peachy-champagne whilst the gold one is just no-fuss gold. It's so nice lah.

Last row which idk what they are supposed to be. I would use the first two as highlighter but the last two as eyeshadows and girls of darker skin tone can just try it the other way so v useful. 

The first new shade is pure white lah. It's just blinding white and u can't really see it here cause my body was blocking the light but I'll add another pic in a second. 

The second one is violet-pink so kinda duochrome but not a particular strong one.

Damn white and blinding, no?? And if u r wondering what's that subtle glow beside it, it's from the leftover of swatching this shade and if u use it as a highlighter, that's how it's gonna come off. It's actually pretty metallic and wet-looking irl. Super super nice. I haven't tried it as a highlighter yet so I'll make an extra note to show y'all how it looks like on da face.


The three gold shades look really similar so I swatched them all side by side to show y'all the difference.

Row 3 No 2 is really similar to Row 5 No 3 irl. The difference is too subtle. I really like the additional lighter yellow gold, compared to the few golds she provided. It's just brighter and prettier irl.

I also randomly tried some shades on my eyes; esp the metallic ones, just to test how they apply, blend etc. and they are really beautiful! I luv it. The blending is amazingly smooth.

All together~

I like how all there's a range of shades - from dark to light so brow bone highlight, crease shade and darker shade to intensify are all present. Kylie's Royal Peach Palette irks me to no end cause there's no extra light AND dark shades. This is def a good travel palette for sure. It's big but super flat so that's good.

TBH, I think if u own the first palette, the 2nd isn't a need lah. The new shades are pretty but not exceptionally unusual. But for the price and the quality, it's really hard to beat. 

The brush picks up the metallic super nice when it's damp and I can safely say the shadow blends beautifully with both finger and brush. But the brush application of these shadows are really amazing leh. The shadows are super blendable and so pigmented.


And a compiled swatch of the first palette!