Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation Review!


Headed for my FIL’s birthday lunch with the family at the Chop House so I got all dressy-dressed up. Using a new base!! Flo texted me and raved about the new Benefit foundation so I went and pick it up lol. 

Btw food at the Chop House was VERY GOOD. Like, it really exceeded my expectations as well as the hubs and he is very picky with his food, so that says a lot.


I got the Mini cause omg I really have a lot of base products and if I finish this and still love it, then I’ll go get somemore lah k. 

I pick up shade no. 2 cause it seemed more yellow-toned and the Mini is 6ml $17 if I’m not wrong!


Omg LOVE. 

It’s very very light weight, blends amazing, and coverage is light-medium but buildable. 

It’s dries down matte but gives a really healthy skin-like glow. Neutralizes my redness nicely and blurs out my issues. It looks a lot better after sitting for 10-15 mins compared to how it looks immediately after application! 

The lasting power is 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 I had it on for a full 12 hours and I DID NOT BLOT. I even took a nap with it in the afternoon and it stayed exactly the same. The oil control is amazing, I could still see my highlighter by the end of the night and omg love love love. BUT, it did feel drying by the 5-6th hour mark. Nothing serious but definitely notable

Cries. Izzit need the big bottle now.