Facial Oils

I personally prefer oils as a lot of them are 100% pure ingredient (e.g Rosehip, Coconut, Argan, Tea Tree etc.). This means I don't get a whole lot of other ingredients mixed into it and it's purer! 

A lot of people have asked me if I use my oils in the day as well and YES!!! I do! 

I used to need to blot every few hours cause my skin can go into massive oil production but nowadays, with the right routine, I can go an entire 12 hours and blot just once. 

Oils can protect against environmental effects and deliver nutrients to your skin, depending on which oil u pick. Not just that, they are natural and contain no preservatives, are easily absorbed and won't clog pores. Most oils have healing properties and can repair skin conditions in the long run! 

With that being said, a lot of skin can benefit from BOTH oils and moisturizer so if ur skin is doubly dry, u can try both! U can use the oil as a serum and then add moisturizer on top to see if that helps. 

For me, my skin has been behaving really well with just oils so I stick to that. Different skin, different needs so adjust ur routine till u find one that fits~

I'll be mentioning oils I am using/used before and some others I've researched about! Most of the oils I am talking about can be found on iherb.com, Amazon or even local drugstores! 

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.24.49 PM.png

Rosehip oil is my current absolute favourite! It's also my number 1 favourite oil, next to Coconut oil! 😁 

Main skin concerns
• Wrinkles
• Scars and Burns
• Stretch Marks
• Pigmentation
• Dry and Sensitive Skin
• Sun Damage
• Acne and Acne Scarring

It is a natural source of Vitamin E and helps provide hydration and calms sensitive skin! With its essential fatty acids, it can help to repair and regenerate skin tissues that are damaged - e.g. sun damage. It helps to brighten skin as it has also Vitamin C! Lastly, with antioxidants - lycopene and beta carotene, it can help to improve skin texture and provide anti-ageing properties!

I've been using RHO for ~1 year now and I can confidently say I will not be switching it out for any other thing ATM. My scars have faded to my natural skin tone and my skin is clearer and brighter. There's also a v subtle and healthy glow to it. 

I use 2-3 drops, warm it up between my palms and press it into my skin. 

Watsons carry Trilogy RHO at an exorbitant price but u can get it for less than $10 from iHerb.com!

Argan oil is another super oil. I have this little bottle to thank because without it, i would have never entered the facial oil scene in the first place. 

I got a deluxe sample of this from a Sephora order and the reviews on the LIGHT version was so positive! I was in Boston at that time and my skin was just drying out from the cold air. 

This little bottle kept my skin incredibly happy so if you're suffering from dry skin, this might be good for u! 

I have never tried any other brands and I heard the Josie Maran original one is just waaaay too heavy for a lot of people, but this light one is super awesome. 

On a side note, Argan oil is AMAZING for hair! So if it doesn't work for u on ur face, u know u can always spam it on ur hair. 😂😂😂

Main skin concerns
• Dry skin
• Oily skin
• Acne/Acne scarring
• Aging

Argan oil is best known helping extremely dry skin. However, since it's such a super powerful oil. One drop is normally more than enough. 

100% Argan oil is also safe for sensitive skin and even oily skin. Studies have shown that regular use of Argan oil has been shown to reduce sebum production levels which means it has the ability to balance out oil in skin. 

The oil’s high linoleic acid content can also help to reduce the inflammation associated with acne while healing damaged skin.

It has anti-inflammatory agents like vitamin E & vitamin A, which can aid a lot of sensitive flaking skin but pls pls always rmbr to PATCHTEST if ur skin is already sensitive. If u dk how to patch-test, click on the hashtag! 

When used regularly, AO can reduce depth and severity of wrinkles, restore elasticity & fade age spots

Josie Maran AO available in Sephora

Another one of my favourite oil. This is just a random image I grabbed off Google but a extra-virgin organic one will do!

I've heard many telling me CO is too much for them in this weather but if you're in a cold country, I would think this is a life saver too. It works wonderful for me in Boston. 

I love, absolutely LOVE using coconut oil under my eyes. I take a teeny wee bit and just press it under my eyes and I can say it has significantly hydrated that area and plump it up a lot. 

I don't have severe circles so I can't answer that but it really has work wonders for just keeping my under eye area hydrated. I use it both ☀️🌙 and even under makeup! I think the most important part here is to gently warm it up between ur fingers and press it in and not go overboard which will make ur eye area too oily. 

Not only for that, I love using CO to remove my waterproof mascara. I take a small amount and melt it between my hands and just gently go over my eye area and go in small circular motions. Then using a cotton pad, I'll just wipe off the mascara and wtv. It is PERFECT for that and keeps my eye area hydrated. I don't have to tug and rub to remove my mascara ever. 

CO has anti-inflammatory properties which means BYE BYE BACTERIA. I use it for stys (just take a tiny bit on a cotton bud and apply on the area where u feel the sty coming), cold sores, cuticles for nails, wounds, scabs, sunburn etc. Basically everything?? I even use it to shave. EVERYTHING CAN USE CO! Hahaha I'm crazy. 

If my skin feels v dry or sensitive, I would mix a drop of CO with my RHO and apply it at night! Not too often cause its pretty heavy!

Idk why I'm so late to the game but this is another miracle oil! 

Fun fact: Jojoba oil is actually not an oil, but a liquid wax. It’s a melted type of vegetable wax and is found in the seeds/nuts of jojoba plant.

Not fun? Okay neverm. Moving on 😂

The jojoba oil is the only oil that closely resembles human sebum. So the amount of benefits it has is quite a lot! 

Main skin concerns

• Scarring
• Wrinkles
• Irritated skin
• Acne

Due to its emollient properties and packed with Vit E, JJBO can help to promote natural production of collagen and prevents lines and wrinkles. The stimulation of collagen can also help in scarring! 

JJBO has anti-bacterial properties and contains iodine that prevent harmful bacteria growth, which can lead to pimples/acne and blackheads. 

This, however, has somehow managed to throw me off guard and made me fall madly in love with it. I mean, look at that empty bottle!

With 6 botanical oils (Borage, St. John's Wort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut and Macadamia) and Vitamin E, this dry oil keeps my face so sooooooft. Like, I wake up with babysoft cheeks and a very healthy glow! I like using alittle of it on my hands and on the ends of my hair too!
Alright, I am gonna finish off the post here! Thanks for reading and talk to you all soon. Pea xo