It all started when...

I tore apart my mother's christmas gift of 36 mini lipsticks when I was 5 years old. My beauty obsession started there and I never looked back. Experimenting with new makeup and skincare excites me, along with recommending awesome products to everyone! 

Beauty-PEA-dia stems from the fact that I love all things beauty-related. I go by 'Pea' cause my full name sounds weird to me, and a play on the word 'encyclopedia' cause I would love for this space to be filled with all things beautiful! 

I am particularly obsessed with skincare as I have had years of problematic skin and low self-esteem. In the 'My Skin Journey' post, I talked about lessons learnt during the period when my skin was at it's worse. Well, I thought I did and then I started exploring the Korean beauty routine and decided that I MUST KNOW IT ALL. So I broke it down here after an entire weekend of research, and hope others can benefit from this.

I have oily/combination skin back in humid Singapore but normal/dry skin over in windy Boston. However, with the proper routine, my skin is normal on most days! In my opinion, skincare should be targeted according to skin types and not every product is suitable for every skin type.

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